In this book, you will learn how to use cutting-edge information on health science, psychology, and nutrition to shift your paradigm to:

  • Establish your Cultural & Historical link to food 
  • Understand the Elements of Health 
  • Cleanse your body inside-out down to the cellular level 
  • Establish an effective Model to transform your diet 
  • Avoid the psychological trap 
  • Individualize your diet 
  • Establish a mental & spiritual connection to being healthy and much more

Shifting Your Paradigm for Optimum Health

“This book is a telling account of the scope of our problem with diet and health. Using much evidence from health research and the African culture, Dr. Craig makes a profound case for knowing precisely what it is that we put in our bodies. I suggest this book as an extraordinary read about the relationship of culture to health.” Molefi Kete Asante, Ph.D.   
- Professor, African American Studies, Temple University