“I am because we are, since we are, therefore, I am”.

- African Proverb

U-Shaka Inc., philosophy is derived from the need to promote a strong African identity through culture, health, history, psychology and spirituality. We realize that a healthy identity develops a healthy human being; moreover, we understand that our strength and power is enhanced as we consciously become aware of our collective history. We, also acknowledge that the success and well-being of the individual should be the highest priorities of the group, and in like manner the group should reflect the highest priorities of the individual. Therefore, each member of the group should direct his or her behavior in ways intended to maximize or primarily benefit our collective effort. Our capacity to act in unison is to maintain the cohesion and single-mindedness of our collective effort. In remembering the wisdom of the ancestors, “I am because we are, since we are, therefore, I am” appropriately identify our fundamental principles.


U-Shaka Inc., was established after a visit to Ghana, West African in 1997, where I had an opportunity to view the beautiful hand woven Kente Fabric. After being deeply absorbed by the beauty of this fabric, the idea hit me, especially the way in which this fabric was presented in the marketplace. It did not seem to have an appeal to the larger market, especially the African American economic market. In my observation, I noted that the contemporary casual dress of most Americans in this country, especially African Americans who despite their diversity, wore a very simple dress, including jeans and/or khakis and often a t-shirt or sport shirt. Eureka, It hit me, why couldn’t we add some of this beautiful African Kente fabric to African American’s contemporary casual dress. I was propelled to take on this mission and have not ceased to promote the African culture on multiple levels. Please take time to “Taste The Culture”, you may have a soulful experience.


We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of products and services. Further, our management philosophy is based on responsibility, mutual respect and the collective goal of liberation.

U Shaka Inc. African American Health Planted-Based Vegan Book

U-Shaka Inc. Afrikan American Ethnic Apparel Kemetic/Afrikan Statues

As a research, health services, product design, and manufacturing company, our primary objective is to develop ethnic/cultural products for people of African descent. We seek to promote and enhance the value of the African culture and assert the importance of it through our designs, educational materials, advertising, and products.