Shifting Your Paradigm is a tour-de-force in providing readers with the information they need to radically change the way they view food and its effects on ur physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Dr. Craig’s exhaustive research demonstrates that we could revolutionize our health and wellbeing by being more intelligent in the foods we eat.

Halford Fairchild, Ph.D,
Professor, Psychology & Black Studies, Pitzer College

U-Shaka Inc., is a research, health services, product design and manufacturing company. The company’s primary objective is to develop ethnic/cultural products for people of African descent. We seek to promote and enhance the value of the African culture and assert the importance of it through our designs, educational materials, advertising, and products.

U-Shaka Inc., strives to bring a liberating perspective of culture, health, history, psychology and spirituality to the African American Community. 

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